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Music charity ‘Help Musicians’ set to fund Brexit advice scheme for artists


The music charity Help Musicians is set to provide a new fund that will give UK-based artists advice and planning tips regarding touring Europe in the post-Brexit climate.

The fund has set aside £250,000 to assist touring musicians with bands and artists eligible for £5000 grants in order to assist with European tour plans which have been made all the more difficult. 

Alongside the monetary funding, one of the key hurdles that bands face is that they are entering a new unknown. Thus, Help Musicians will also be providing Viva La Visa consultation sessions on how to go about a tour. 

The scheme explained: “Through this support, the charity aims to help musicians re-build their careers post-restrictions and provide practical advice to musicians wishing to tour.”

Continuing: “The service will help them better understand the complex requirements from working/traveling abroad, and mitigate against the financial risks now associated with touring, especially in Europe. Calls can cover the likes of visas, work permits, carnets, customs regulations, rules relating to movement and more.”

The organisation’s CEO James Ainscough added: “It is vital that musicians start touring again, at home and abroad, to get back to live performance, grow their fanbase and earn much-needed income. Tours are costly and risky, so our £250k will support musicians who are ready to take the plunge and drive their careers forward.”

Previously we spoke to Tim Burgess about this very issue and he commented:  “My friend Kiko is an Italian van driver who lived in London. he used to pick up bands, and take them across the border, to go to France, and then drive through Italy, and into Germany, and all that.”

Burgess continued: “A band without a record deal would be able to do a tour, it would have to be economically, but they’d be able to do it. I think all that is not going to really be possible now.”

Concluding:  “There’s a massive waiting list of vinyl now, and Brexit on top of all the other problems just makes it a little bit more difficult,” Burgess continued. “The reality is what I was expecting. I thought if it was to go through, then it’s going to be a shitstorm, and it is.”

Hopefully, Help Musicians can at least be a lighthouse that guides bands through that storm.