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Brent Renaud, US filmmaker, killed in Ukraine aged 50


Brent Renaud, a US journalist and documentary filmmaker working in Ukraine, has been shot dead at the age of 50.

Renaud, who previously worked for The New York Times, was in the town of Irpin, outside Kyiv, local police have confirmed. Andriy Nebytov, Kyiv’s police chief, claimed that Renaud had been specifically targeted by Russian soldiers.

In what is the first reported death of a foreign journalist covering the war in Ukraine, Kyiv also confirmed that two other journalists were injured and taken to hospital.

“The Ukrainian authorities said he was killed in Irpin, a suburb [of Kyiv] that has been the site of intense shelling by Russian forces in recent days, but the details of his death were not immediately clear,” said The New York Times. Adding: “Ukrainian officials said another journalist was wounded as well”.

Juan Arredondo, one of the injured journalists, detailed the moment Renaud was killed: “We were across one of the first bridges in Irpin, going to film other refugees leaving, and we got into a car,” he said. “Somebody offered to take us to the other bridge and we crossed a checkpoint, and they start shooting at us. So the driver turned around, and they kept shooting; there’s two of us. My friend is Brent Renaud, and he’s been shot and left behind… I saw him being shot in the neck.”

Responding to the news, Clifford Levy, managing editor of the New York Times, issued a statement, stating: “[The New York Times] is deeply saddened to learn of the death of an American journalist in Ukraine, Brent Renaud. Brent was a talented photographer and filmmaker, but he was not on assignment for the New York Times in Ukraine. Early reports that he worked for Times circulated because he was wearing a Times press badge he had been issued for an assignment many years ago.”

Adding: “Brent’s death is a terrible loss. Brave journalists like Brent take tremendous risks to bear witness and to tell the world about the devastation and suffering caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine”.