Credit: Josh Shinner


Bombay Bicycle Club share 'Is It Real' the final track from their upcoming album


Bombay Bicycle Club have shared the final installment from their upcoming new record. The indie-pop darlings are sharing ‘Is It Real’ today and it’s a classic piece of BBC work.

The song, taken from the upcoming album Everything Else Has Gone Wrong which arrives on January 17th as the fifth album from the band, is another reason to pick up the record.

“Is it real? I wanna go back / Times have all changed and I don’t want that / ‘Cause I feel our lives roll past / Look the wrong way when I’m moving too fast,” frontman Steadman sings in the first verse of ‘Is It Real’. It’s a sentiment so fitting with today’s climate it feels almost a little gauche. But it perfectly sums up the track and leads us into some vintage BBC territory.

The song itself is a merry jaunt down memory lane. Sun-kissed and rose-tinted, the band bop through some indie-pop gold as Steadman offers up some of his more attainable lyrics. The singer offers up two opposing views, one dripping in nostalgia and the other realism – which one would do you choose?

‘Is It Real’ is the follow-up to previous releases ‘I Can Hardly Speak‘, ‘Racing Stripes‘, and ‘Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You)’, as well as the title track. With all those singles in the bag the new LP is shaping up very nicely.

Listen to ‘Is It Real’ below