(Credit: Bent Rej)

Bob Dylan's portraits and handwritten lyrics to go on show at new exhibition


A series of portraits and handwritten lyrics created by Bob Dylan is set to go on show at a new exhibition at the Tulsa Art Museum.

The show, taking place at the Oklahoma art museum, will begin in May and will feature 12 pastel portraits among with other items taken from the Bob Dylan Archives who donated in excess of 100,000 to the University of Tulsa in 2016.

“It might seem like something of a curve ball to have an exhibit built around a series of paintings. But it’s really a kind of sneaky way to show what the archive truly is — something that showcases what a truly multifaceted artist Bob Dylan is,” Michael Chaiken, the curator of the Bob Dylan Archives, told Tulsa World.

“He’s best known for his music, but Dylan is also a writer of prose, a filmmaker, and someone who has been involved in the visual arts for decades. This show is an opportunity to explore all those different avenues of Dylan’s creativity.”

“One reason why this exhibit could only be done is Tulsa is that we have, with the archive, a wealth of supporting material,” Chaiken added. “When the ‘Face Value’ portraits have been shown before, there was no material that gave the portraits any real context. But here we’re able to highlight the fact that there is a precedent for those portraits.”

The Gilcrease Museum will put on the exhibition, which has been titled ‘Bob Dylan: Face Value and Beyond’, from May 10th to September 15th.

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