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When Bob Dylan and Van Morrison sang together in Athens while overlooking the Acropolis


We delve back into the Far Out Magazine Vault to rewind back to a summer day in 1989. It sees two legends Van Morrison and Bob Dylan meet up in Athens, Greece, to perform a string of acoustic songs while overlooking some stunning scenery.

Sat Philopappos Hill, traditionally known as the Hill of the Muses, with a clear view of the iconic Acropolis, the mercurial pairing of Dylan and Van Morrison would begin to perform. It saw the duo play a select few of Morrison’s songs which included ‘Foreign Window’, ‘One Irish Rover’ and ‘Crazy Love’.

The chance meeting occurred after Dylan finished up a headline performance at the stadium of Greek football team Panathinaikos as part of a major show on his European tour. Morrison, meanwhile, was being followed around by BBC film crew as he recorded footage for a new arena documentary entitled One Irish Rover: Van Morrison in Performances.

Of course, their connection went a little further than that. Van Morrison had covered Dylan’s iconic song ‘It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue’ when he was in the sixties garage rock band Them and seen huge success.

A few years later, Van Morrison began singing ‘Just Like A Woman’ as part of his set. What followed was a series of performances seeing the duo share the stage. But nothing will quite replicate the intimacy and stunning backdrop of this performance.

Singing the trio of songs, Dylan and Van Morrison trade lines and smiles as they run through the songs. Though the performances aren’t exactly beloved for their note-perfect precision, but as with everything Dylan does, it’s imbued with passion.

Enjoy some of the footage, here:

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