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Credit: Nationaal Archief/Badosa


Watch Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones share the stage to perform 'Like A Rolling Stone'

With live music seemingly a distant memory amid the strict social distancing measures, we’re celebrating the 79th birthday of the great Bob Dylan by taking a trip down memory lane.

In 1998, during a special show in Brazil as part of one of The Rolling Stones’ never-ending tours, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and the rest of the band were joined by a special guest to perform their cover of ‘Like A Rolling Stone’ — Bob Dylan himself.

Both artists were due to perform the track together once before. The two sets of artists were both completing a run of shows at New York’s Madison Square Garden, Dylan in the theatre and the Stones in the arena, which had led many to expect a welcomed duet.

The Rolling Stones were among those hoping for a reunion as they performed Dylan’s 1965 iconic hit ‘Like A Rolling Stone’ every night during their residency, even adding his name to their setlist. Yet, the mercurial singer-songwriter never showed up.

Three months later though, the lucky members of the audience were treated to Dylan opening up the concert for The Stones. With a few months of touring, and dueting in the bag by the time we got to The Rolling Stones’ show in Rio de Janeiro, the pair’s duet on the classic song was up to mustard.

Midway through the show in Rio, Jagger turned to the crowd and said: “We’d like to do a song we wrote,” before checking himself and subsequently correcting himself… “that Bob Dylan wrote for us.” With that, the audience loses their minds and Dylan walks on stage to huge applause.

With some weeks touring under their belts, this is the most harmonious of the duets and sees The Rolling Stones alongside Bob Dylan performing his iconic song ‘Like A Rolling Stone’ for the Rio de Janeiro crowd.

You can watch that moment below: