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Credit: Daily Motion


Watch Bob Dylan perform 'Just Like A Woman' alongside George Harrison in 1971


One of Bob Dylan’s finest performances of ‘Just Like A Woman’ came in 1971 when he helped out his friend, The Beatles’ very own, George Harrison.

Before the mass popularity of Band-Aid in 1985, there was Harrison’s ‘Concert for Bangladesh’—a gesture of goodwill to send relief to those affected by famine in the country.

The gig saw the inclusion of an all-star line up with former Beatle Ringo Starr, Billy Preston, Eric Clapton, and the legendary Ravi Shankar all taking the stage.

It was a huge musical event as well as a remarkable moment of benevolence and the show rattle through some truly legendary acts. The show would be opened by none other than sitar extraordinaire Ravi Shankar.

Following Shankar leaving the stage it was time for the supergroup to arrive and they did so with Eric Clapton on guitar, Ringo Starr on drums, Leon Russell on keys and members of Badfinger on guitar and vocals, all led by George Harrison.

The group of stars played the best of Harrison’s repertoire including a couple of Beatles songs for good measure. Harrison would then nonchalantly introduce his next guest with a wry smile, “I’d like to bring on a friend of us all, Mr Bob Dylan”.

The event, in truth, actually came at a very odd time for Dylan. It saw the star enjoying one of his reclusive phases that would litter his career with restful moments of reflection.

It’s a testament to the friendship he enjoys with Harrison, as well as the good cause it supported, that the freewheelin’ troubadour came out at all—but Dylan didn’t disappoint.

His first performance since 1969’s appearance at the Isle of Wight Festival would see renditions of classic Dylan numbers, ‘Blowin’ In the Wind’ and ‘Mr. Tambourine Man’ which would send the crowd into states of gaping-mouthed awe. However, this rarely seen footage of Bob performing ‘Just Like A Woman’ has us silently admiring the now Nobel-winning icon.

It is these captivating moments of magic when Dylan transcends across his music, that make all those quieter moments worthwhile. Watch as Bob Dylan performs ‘Just Like A Woman’ at the Concert for Bangladesh.

Just Like A Woman – Bob Dylan | Live at The Concert for Bangladesh from Jaimin Rajani on Vimeo.