Audio of isolated vocals taken from Beatles duo Paul McCartney and George Harrison on 'Something'
(Credit: Blue Jay Way)

Remarkable audio of Paul McCartney and George Harrison’s isolated vocals from Beatles hit ‘Something’

‘Something’, a song written by George Harrison and included as part of The Beatles’ 1969 album Abbey Road, marked a historic moment for the band in becoming the first Harrison composition to be released as a Beatles A-side.

With Harrison taking lead vocals on the track, he would later admit that the song was written about the Hindu deity Krishna and, when speaking to Rolling Stone in 1976, explained: “All love is part of a universal love,” when discussing his writing style. Detailing further, it emerged that Harrison had written the song about his wife, Pattie Boyd, and he once said: When you love a woman, it’s the God in her that you see.”

Harrison’s love song is regarded by many as some of his finest work and, as the years have passed, countless major figures have attempted to put their own spin on it. The likes of Shirley Bassey, Joe Cocker, Peggy Lee, Bruce Springsteen, Elton John and Frank Sinatra have all added their versions of ‘Something’.

The recording of Abbey Road was infamously hard work with members leaving and rejoining the band amid growing fractions within the group. Apparently, Harrison’s decision to leave The Beatles (before promptly returning) was due to what he believed to be unjust criticism from McCartney.

“George’s ‘Something’ was out of left field,” Paul McCartney once explained about the song. “It was about Pattie, and it appealed to me because it has a very beautiful melody and is a really structured song. I think George thought my bass playing was a little bit busy. Again, from my side, I was trying to contribute the best I could, but maybe it was his turn to tell me I was too busy.”

In the end though, after multiple reworks, ‘Something’ was completed and announced Harrison’s arrival to the big stage and raised his songwriting reputation to new levels. Taking the lead vocals with Macca providing backing, you can enjoy their harmonies in the isolated vocals audio, below.

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