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Blossoms share summery new single ‘The Sulking Poet’

Blossoms - 'The Sulking Poet'

While the first few bars of Blossom’s new single might sound like the jingle for a probiotic yoghurt advert, the jangly overture quickly gains a bit of muscle and ventures into the upbeat hook-driven world where earworms like Rusted Roots’ ‘Send Me on My Way’ reside. It is a world that is pretty hard to hate unless cynical biases enter into it. 

Blossoms by name and nature, the song will no doubt be endlessly overplayed as we head towards summer causing a sort of sonic hayfever, but that’s no fault of the band. The radio-friendly record, Ribbon Around the Bomb, set for release on April 29th will most likely follow suit. 

In a press release, frontman Tom Ogden explained how the song came about: “I once saw a Blossoms fan page describe me as ‘The Sulking Poet’ and I thought that was a great name for a song.”

He continued: “I have been told that I need to smile more from time to time. This song touches on the imposter syndrome I’ve sometimes felt in the past. How did I get here? Do I deserve it? Should I be enjoying myself more?”

Seemingly the answer is provided by the floral tones of the major sound that proves to be not unlike a sonic smile, sometimes it even wavers towards a cheesy grin, in fact. The sulking poet in question might not have the depth of a classic, but the beatnik expressionism is rampant. 

Sweet to the point of being saccharine, the track won’t win anyone outside of their camp over, but it certainly won’t let down fans in the mood for some sunny escapism either, and as ever, the production and delivery is of crisp quality. 

You can check out the video directed by Edwin Burdis below.