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(Credit: Bleachers / Press)


Bleachers release new song 'How Dare You Want More'

Bleachers - 'How Dare You Want More'

American indie pop band Bleachers have released the latest taste of their upcoming LP, Take the Sadness Out of Saturday Night, with the new single ‘How Dare You Want More’.

“This one is the band on fire,” Jack Antonoff proclaims. “Testing the boundaries of how close we can get to the edge without falling off. This recording could not have happened with any other group of people and it’s the direct sound of all the time we’ve spent on the road and how we’ve learned to know what each other is going to do. The band is carrying me through.”

Honestly, this is the best Bleachers single I’ve heard in a long time, probably reaching all the way back to their debut ‘I Wanna Get Better’, which I rate as a solid 10. Radiating joy and overflowing with awesome little musical touches, ‘How Dare You Want More’ sees Antonoff step away from the Springsteen fetishism that has been dominating his work over the past few months and embrace the poppier, more singular aspects of his own artistry. The breakdown section that finds guitar and saxophone lines trading fourths is a wondrous anomaly in pop music. That’s the good stuff that you just don’t hear all that much of anymore.

“Over the past few years I found out things about my family that challenged some of the myths of our structure,” Antonoff explains about the genesis of the song and its personal themes. “I’ve felt rage, fear, darkness etc around it, but at the end of the day what I am left with is that everybody wants a little more and going out there and trying to get it is something that can produce a lot of shame in people. So… how dare you want more? How dare you go out and get what you want? How do you ask for it when you’re not sure if you even deserve it? It’s an easy song to write about the people in my life and the hardest thing to do to oneself.”

Check out the live video for ‘How Dare You Want More’ down below. Take the Sadness Out of Saturday Night is set for a July 30 release.