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(Credit: Billy Corgan)


Billy Corgan plays Christmas set with family following the death of his father

Smashing Pumpkins mastermind, Billy Corgan, performed a set of festive songs alongside his family on Saturday, December 18th. Corgan also took to the stage to pay tribute to his late father, William Corgan Sr., who passed away following a heart attack. The elder Corgan has long been credited with introducing Billy to music, something which effectively set him on his path to artistic success. 

In his video tribute posted on Reddit, he said: “The show goes on, that’s what my father believed in. My father had his own struggles with music and had a very complicated and oftentimes bitter relationship with the music business. He assumed that I would have the same.”

Elsewhere, he stated simply: “It all started with him, watching him play in basements and at sound checks and empty stinking bars.”

That evening, Corgan graced the stage for his annual Yuletide show at the vegan cake shop he owns in Chicago, Madame Zuzu’s. Joined on stage by his partner, Chloe, and their two young children, Corgan played ‘Do You Hear What I Hear?’ and two new Christmas tracks, ‘Evergreen’ and ‘The Magi and the Shiny Bright’.

Corgan is donating proceeds from the show to the local animal shelter, PAWS, which Corgan also showed his support for by recently joining the app Cameo. The app sees fans pay for personalised messaged from celebrities. However, the couple’s earnings will be donated to PAWS. 

“With supply chains in disarray, Santa needed a little help this year getting special gifts to you… So he reached out to Billy + Chloé, and they came up with an idea for 100 special fans,” Corgan’s Cameo page explains. It appends: “For every Cameo purchased, you will also get a mystery prize! One of the gifts may be something special courtesy of Reverend Guitars.”

Earlier this year, Corgan made headlines when he played some rare, pre-Pumpkins tracks on a run of solo shows, which included another at Madame Zuzu’s. 

Watch Corgan perform ‘Evergeen’ below.