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(Credit: Katie Silvester)


Billie Marten shares new single 'Human Replacement'

Billie Marten - 'Human Replacement'

Billie Marten has shared her pounding new single, ‘Human Replacement’.

The track premiered as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record In The World on Radio 1 last night and is the third taster from Marten’s forthcoming third album, Flora Fauna. The record arrives this Friday and promises to be another gripping effort that follows up 2019’s Feeding Seahorses by Hand.

Not many 21-year-old’s have released their debut albums yet, but Marten is remarkably on her third after sharing her first when she was just 17. Since she first arrived on the scene, her sound has grown and matured with ‘Human Replacement’, signifying her evolution from a teenage acoustic prodigy into an ass-kicking rockstar who has a forceful eye for melody.

At the heart of the track is a poignant message that feels exceptionally relevant following the tragic death of Sarah Everard earlier this year. On ‘Human Replacement’, Marten sings about the anxieties of being a woman walking home in the dark.

The track arrives with a video directed by Joe Wheatley. Marten commented: “This video is absolutely needed to match the message of the song, which was initially something I shied away from talking about. As creative discussions began between Joe Wheatley and I it became incredibly important to convey the absurdity of simply not being able to go out anywhere at night as a woman particularly, without that hideous stone-cold fear of what might happen to you.

“Hence every woman in the video needing the comfort and protection of full army gear to carry out the simplest of everyday tasks (like going for a run or walking home from work), and every man is without it. My trusty safety tank gets me to the shop for a pint of milk. It’s a deliberately absurd illustration of a disturbingly real problem that needed to be addressed.”

Not only is ‘Human Replacement’ a song that warrants your full attention, but the video is a must-watch and adds an extra dimension to the track that brings Marten’s soul-stirring words to the centre.