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(Credit: Billie Marten)


Billie Marten shares new song 'Creature of Mine'


Britain’s own acoustic pop auteur Billie Marten has announced a new album, Flora Fauna, and just released the album’s first single, ‘Creature of Mine’.

Marten specialises in a soothing, heavenly blend of catchy pop, indie rock, and acoustic guitar, likes of which buoy hits like ‘La Lune’ and ‘Cursive’. ‘Creature of Mine’ leans a little more in the indie pop direction, a little less nebulous and esoteric than those previously mentioned songs with a solid rhythmic foundation and conviction that was missing from some of her more twee recordings. The arrangement expands the singer’s musical palate with trumpets and rolling bass lines that I haven’t heard in any previous material, and the lyrics seem to evoke more fanciful romance, less grounded in reality and more caught up in its own whirlwind.

“It’s an end of the world, post-apocalyptic scenario – you get to choose one thing, one person to leave it with. It’s a love song to a stranger and a polite request to momentarily leave Earth when it’s all too much.”

In case you didn’t know, Marten is a bit of a wunderkind, not unlike another famous Billie in the pop music world. She released her first single, ‘Ribbon’, when she was just 14, and her first album, 2016’s Writing of Blues and Yellows, came out when she was 17. Now aged 21, Marten is somehow close to being a full decade into her musical career.

It’s cool to see an artist experiment with their sound, adding and subtracting to their established aesthetic to find the new, fresh version of themselves. That’s what Marten does on ‘Creature of Mine’, and it will be exciting to hear what comes out of that experimentation.

Check out the video for ‘Creature of Mine’ down below. Flora Fauna is set for a May 21st release.