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(Credit: YouTube)


Billie Eilish launches video for ‘Male Fantasy’

After the teaser clip she shared earlier this week, Billie Eilish has premiered her self-directed and edited music video for ‘Male Fantasy’ on YouTube and fans have dubbed the short film as heart-breaking. 

The video premiered yesterday (December 6th) at 17:00 GMT and has already amassed 2.1 million views in the short time that it has been online.

Fans have responded to Eilish’s directing work in a hugely favourable and emotive outpouring. The top comment on the video, made by Hermetic Kitten ASMR, reads: “This is such a great representation of what living with depression feels like.”

The video is shot in a darkened blue hue and sees an emotional Eilish move from room to room in an apartment in what many are calling a relatable display of dealing with depression, trauma or a breakup

Alongside directing and editing her own video, Eilish’s schedule looks to be one of the busiest in showbiz. Having converted the 007 brigade with her James Bond theme, Billie Eilish’s world domination is set to target a younger generation as she teams up with her brother Finneas once more for the Pixar film Turning Red.

According to the press release, “In this special version of Billie’s hit song ‘Happier Than Ever’, the Grammy award-winning artist and The Count serenade each other about how when they’re counting together, numbers sound so much better and it makes them happier than ever! Throughout the clip, there are also appearances from many other Muppets as well, including Big Bird.”