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Billie Eilish has started work on her third album


Barely taking a minute to pause for respite, Billie Eilish has already set to work on her third album. The 19-year-old star’s brother and collaborator, Finneas O’Connell, shared news of the upcoming project while promoting his new solo album Optimist, saying that they were both “really excited to start working on” Eilish’s new album. According to Finneas, the pair have a selection of “skeleton” songs, but they’re still unsure what kind of “animals” they’ll turn out to be.

During the interview, Finneas opened up about the process of creating an album from scratch. “We’ve got the net in the ocean, and we’re picking up detritus,” he said. “And then you sift through all that, and you pick out the treasure, and then you have an album. I’m really excited. I think we’ve got a lot to say”.

News of Eilish’s third studio offering comes just months after the release of her sophomore album, Happier Than Ever, which was released back in July. Alongside the title track, the album contains such gems as ‘My Future’, ‘Therefore I Am’, ‘Your Power’, ‘Lost Cause’, ‘NDA’ and ‘Male Fantasy’, all of which have helped Eilish cement her status as a generation-defining star.

Eilish, however, has been keen to clarify that the album will not be released next year, and that production of the record will only begin after the completion of the upcoming Happier Than Ever tour, set to kick off in February. Only then will the pair begin working on the album in earnest.

As it stands, Billie and Finneas are content touring the material from Happier Than Ever. “This tour is this album,” Finneas said. “We’ve played some festivals, but we haven’t done Billie headliner solo shows, and we’re really excited to play Happier Than Ever on the road. So even if it’s in the can by February, we’ll [delay it] for a little bit. Because I like letting projects breathe. You don’t want to step on the toes of an album like that. You make your stuff mean less, I think, when you do that”.

2022 will see Eilish take the Grammy Award-nominated Happier Than Ever on the road. Stopping by North America, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe, the tour will also see Eilish perform a string of shows in London’s 02.