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Billie Eilish shares her love of The Strokes latest album and calls Julian Casablancas "a genius"


Billie Eilish has been rightly revered as pop music’s saviour ever since she burst onto the scene a few years back. Though the singer wasn’t born when The Strokes released their seminal debut album Is This It, Eilish has proclaimed her love for the New York band’s latest album The New Abnormal.

Eilish has never been afraid to share her love for other artists and the garage rock revivalists; The Strokes are a group she has fond feelings for. Having first spoken about The New Abnormal back in May, the singer has once again backed it up following its April release.

As part of an interview with The New York Times — their ‘My Ten’ series — Eilish proclaimed her love for the record, explaining how it kept her company on plenty of long bike rides.

“When I first found the album, I was going on a lot of bike rides,” said the singer. “I would play the whole album on my speaker backpack and ride around random neighbourhoods, and it was always sunny and breezy and pretty and green.

“Julian Casablancas is just a genius — every time I hear his lyrics I think, ‘I would never think to say that’. That’s what I love about them — they’re so unexpected, but also relatable. Every single song is good.”

Eilish also had a lot of love for Frank Ocean’s seminal record Blond calling it her “go-to album to play any time at all, but especially when I need to relax”.

“When I had a plaster mould made of my head for a photo shoot for the cover of Garage magazine a few years ago, I played Frank Ocean the entire hour so I wouldn’t have a panic attack,” she recalled.

“I haven’t gotten to meet him, but I don’t expect him to ever even come near me. He can stay being God up in the clouds.”