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Credit: Crommelink/Press


Has Billie Eilish confirmed she's recording James Bond theme song?

Surely Billie Eilish hasn’t confirmed her involvement with James Bond No Time To Die via Instagram? The singer has been recently linked with singing the 2020 film’s theme song.

While nothing official has arrived from either party regarding the singing of the film’s theme song during its opening sequence, many believe a recent post from Eilish has confirmed her part in one of the biggest films of 2020.

The rumour initially came from the very credible Bond blog Mi6-HQ, who are suggested Eilish could become the youngest ever singer of the theme song for 2020’s No Time To Die.

The film is likely to be one of the biggest events of the year with the release being Daniel Graig’s fifth and final performance as Britain’s most dangerous weapon, James Bond. The talented 18-year-old ‘ocean eyes’ singer would be the youngest artist to take up the role of singing during the iconic opening credits of Bond.

With so many easter eggs dropped by artists these days could Eilish have acted her age and confirmed her involvement with the iconic franchise through a series of Instagram stories?

The singer today posted eight images of famous Bond girls from the series’ legendary 50 year run. It has seen fans push the rumour mill into overdrive with many claiming that Eilish’s use of the Bon girls is a confirmation of her involvement.

If it were to be official Eilish would be the youngest singer on the iconic opening credits of the Bond series, beating the previous youngest Sam Smith for 2015’s Spectre theme song, ‘Writing’s On The Wall’, at the age of 23.