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Credit: Crommelink/Press


Billie Eilish is the latest name linked with James Bond 'No Time To Die' theme song


It looks like 2020 could be off to a great start for the arguably the Queen of 2019, Billie Eilish, as she becomes the latest name to be linked with the vacant spot for singing the James Bond theme song.

The rumour comes from the very credible Bond blog Mi6-HQ, who are suggesting that Eilish could become the youngest ever singer of the theme song for 2020’s No Time To Die.

The film is going to be one of the biggest events of the year with the release being Daniel Graig’s fifth and final performance as Britain’s most dangerous weapon, James Bond.

The talented 18-year-old ‘ocean eyes’ singer would be the youngest artist to take up the role of singing during the iconic opening credits of Bond. But the franchise does have a form for hiring young talent to take on the vocal duties.

Sam Smith, who sung ‘Writing’s On The Wall’ for 2015’s Spectre, is the current youngest performer, at 23-years-old. Adele was just 24 when she took on the role for 2012’s Skyfall.

As you might imagine, Billie Eilish’s fans have been quick to get excited about the rumour with many seeing Billie Eilish and James Bond as a match made in heaven.