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(Credit: Lars Crommelinck Photography)


Billie Eilish opens up about depression in new interview: "a lot of people don't love themselves"


In a new interview, Billie Eilish has opened up about her battle with depression with CBS’ Gayle King, in which she discusses “coming out of that shell” and the balance of her growing fame.

The teenager has belied her years by opening up her home, which she shares with her parents and her brother/collaborator Finneas O’Connell, to the CBS Sunday Morning show with Gayle King.

While Eilish has been extremely open about her mental health in all her work and subsequent interviews, in this conversation Eilish is as explicit as possible and offers a light at the end of the tunnel for anybody suffering from the disease.

The singer says that now, despite her growing fame, she has a better handle on her mental health than ever, “I remember at the beginning, there were all these labels and radio people that wouldn’t play me because I was too sad and no one was going to relate to it.”

“Everybody has felt sad in their lives and of course it’s really important to promote happiness and loving yourself – but a lot of people don’t love themselves.”

Eilish also looked to try and squash some of the archaic thinking on depression. When asked by King if she thought she was a “dark person”, the ‘bad guy’ singer replied, “No, not at all. No one who knows me thinks that I’m a dark person. My God! I’m always laughing at everything.”

Eilish continued, “I was so unhappy last year, and even at the beginning of this year. I was so unhappy and joyless.”

Eilish found it hard to pinpoint the route of her depression, “I don’t know. There were so many reasons. It was all because I was clinically depressed, but on top of it was this thing that I didn’t want at the time. There was this inability to go out. It was so torturous because all I wanted was to go and hang out with my friends.”

“I’ve been kind of coming out of for the last six months, actually. It’s the most freeing feeling to be able to come out of that shell.”

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Eilish mother Maggie Baird explained that it had been the music that set Eilish on the right path to recovery, “The depression was the hardest part of all this,” she said. “We checked in with her all the time and asked, ‘Do you still want to do this?’ She loved doing the shows, that’s what kept her going.”

After O’Connell and Eilish exchanged their parallel feelings of insecurity about one another’s abilities (O’Connell for songwriting and Eilish for singing), the 17-year-old looks happy and content in her current situation. We’re happy that she’s found some semblance in life and we hope it continues.