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Bill Murray responds to allegations of inappropriate behaviour: "It's been quite an education"


Bill Murray has given his first statement in response to allegations of inappropriate behaviour on the set of his new film Being Mortal, production of which was recently suspended by Searchlight Pictures. During an interview on CNBC Television on Saturday, Murray explianed his perspective on the situation without going into detail about his behaviour with the aggrieved parties.

Speaking at the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting in Omaha, Murray said: “I had a difference of opinion with a woman I’m working with. I did something I thought was funny and it wasn’t taken that way. The movie studio wanted to do the right thing, so they wanted to check it all out and investigate it and so they stopped the production.”

Murray added that he reached out to the woman following the incident and expressed his hope that the pair would be able to continue to work together comfortably during the production. “As of now we’re talking and we’re trying to make peace with each other,” Murray continued. “We’re both professionals. We like each other’s work — we like each other, I think.”

He continued: “If we can’t get along and trust each other, there’s no point in going further working together or making a movie… It’s been quite an education for me. I’ve been doing not much else but thinking about her for the last week or two.”

Opening up about whether he had been in conversation with Searchlight about the complaint, Murray said, “Not with the studio, just with her and the people that are helping her. First things first.”

Searchlight sent a letter to the cast and crew of Being Mortal on April 20th, informing them that filming had been suspended due to a complaint from someone on set. The nature of the complaint against Murray remains unconfirmed. It’s also not clear if Murray will continue to work on Being Mortal or if another actor will replace him.