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Credit: Apple/A25


Rashida Jones and Bill Murray star in new trailer for Sofia Coppola's 'On The Rocks'

The new trailer for director Sofia Coppola’s upcoming film On The Rocks has been released and it stars Bill Murray and Rashida Jones as father and daughter effortlessly bouncing off one another.

Jones will take on the role of Laura who turns to her father Felix, played by Bill Murray, asking for advice after she suspects her husband may be cheating on her.

Laura’s not opening up to Felix for any paternal care but because she knows, like she suspects her husband is, Felix is a womaniser and a philanderer. When presented with his daughter’s pain Felix insists that the duo investigate further.

Naturally, the film takes us through New York and the journey of their relationship in one sitting but judging by the trailer, the real key to this film will be the partnership between Rashida Jones and Bill Murray on screen, as they possess a charming, glowing chemistry whenever they share a scene.

As of yet there hasn’t been a firm date set for release but with hints at an October screening date, perhaps A24 and Apple TV can get it together this side of 2020.

You can watch the trailer for Sofia Coppola’s latest film starring Rashida Jones and Bill Murray, On The Rocks, below: