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(Credit: Truejustice)


Watch Bill Murray and Eric Clapton joined forces to perform 1960s hit 'Gloria'


Taking a trip back down memory lane through Far Out Magazine’s ‘Hollyweird’ section, we’ve unearthed a gem of the great Bill Murray joining forces with Eric Clapton. While not only a wonderful moment of reflection, the clip also offers an opportunity to briefly put Clapton’s obscene anti-vax crusade to the back of our minds.

The performance, which took place at Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival 2007, became a major talking point of the charitable fundraiser, which showcases a variety of guitarists personally selected by Clapton himself.

Mitch Glazer, Murray’s longtime screenwriter and close friend, explained to Billboard how the performance materialised: “Eric Clapton is a friend of Bill’s, and a few years ago the producer of Eric’s Crossroads Guitar Festival called me and said, ‘Do you think Bill would host and you guys would write introductions?’ We said yes two years in a row,” Glazer said.

“The second time we did it, I asked Bill, ‘Is there one rock song you can play guitar to?’ He said: ‘Yes, ‘Gloria’.’ The lineup was Jeff Beck, Clapton and some of the greatest guitarists, but the first one out will be this knucklehead playing ‘Gloria’. I said, ‘Eric should come out behind you playing it too’. We find Eric and he says, ‘I don’t know how to play it’. Bill goes, ‘A chimp can play ‘Gloria’! Give me a guitar’. And he teaches him the chords.

“It took a second because Eric’s trying to learn it from Bill saying, ‘No, no, put your fingers here’. It was priceless.”

See the clip, below.