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Beth Jeans Houghton reborn as Du Blonde

Beth Jeans Houghton has announced that she has ditched here more commonly known pseudonym to return under the name Du Blonde.

What’s more, she has come back with a great new single entitled ‘Black Flag’, which will be released via Mute Records and is taken from the debut Du Blonde LP, scheduled for release in the spring.

The song comes equipped with an edge that is mush more raw than a lot of her earlier material – demonstrating a thrashing blues-rock noise that has the engaged from the very start.

The scuzzy sound to this enthralling comeback single may well be down to the fact that the record has been produced by Bad Seed and Grinderman member Jim Sclavenos, who has managed to incoperate some of the crashing guitar and percussion that is often heard in Nick Cave’s work.

Don’t  just take our word for it, however, listen to the track now via Soundcloud.

Patrick Davies