(Credit: Matt Biddulph)


Watch Beck cover Chris Bell’s ‘I Am The Cosmos’ while in self-isolation


Beck has released a special acoustic cover version of Chris Bell song ‘I Am The Cosmos’ while at home in self-isolation.

The song, taken from Bell’s posthumous 1992 album of the same name, was originally recorded having been recorded over a period of two to three years during the mid-1970s by the former Big Star member.

While the track has been famously covered by the likes of Flaming Lips, The Posies, The Jayhawks, The Drams and more, was first taken on by Beck in 2013 when he joined forces with Wilco to perform a special rendition of the number.

Now though, with live music nothing but a distant memory with millions of people forced to stay home amid strict social distancing measures, Beck has become the latest musician to take his live music to the livestream stage with the release of his acoustic cover.

See his rendition, below.

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