(Credit: WNYC / Beck)


Listen to Beck's incredible 20-minute Philip Glass remix 'NYC 73-78'


Stepping back into the Far Out Magazine ‘From The Vault’ section we’re revisiting a moment Beck completed one of the most remarkable reworkings by collecting the work of Philip Glass.

In 2012 Beck joined forces with a number of artists to have been inspired by Glass and created Rework: Philip Glass Remixed, an album designed to celebrate the iconic composer and pianist on what was his 75th birthday.

A description of the album reads: “Beck served as both a curator and a performer on the album, providing original remix content and working with American composer Philip Glass and producer Hector Castillo to locate musicians—including Amon Tobin, Tyondai Braxton, Nosaj Thing, and Memory Tapes—whose work had also been influenced by Glass.”

“When listening to pieces from all the different eras of Philip Glass’ work,” Beck told NPR at the time. “It felt like there was a continuum—an accretion of harmonic ideas that built over time into a larger, less definable work.”

Given that the idea was being triumphed by Beck, the musician provided the major highlight of the remix album when he created ‘NYC 73-78′, a song that stretched into 20 minutes and collected samples from more than 20 of Glass’ compositions including ‘Vanessa and the Changelings’, ‘My Worst Habit’ and more.

Stream Beck’s effort and the entire album, below.

Rework – Philip Glass Remixed Tracklisting:

Disc 1

1. Music in Twelve Parts, Part 1 – My Great Ghost – My Great Ghost
2. Rubric Remix – Tyondai Braxton – Tyondai Braxton
3. Knee 1 Remix – Nosaj Thing – Nosaj Thing
4. Alight Spiral Ship – Philip Glass Remix – Dan Deacon – Dan Deacon
5. Warda’s Whorehouse – Inside Out Version – Amon Tobin – Amon Tobin
6. Etoile Polaire – Litter Dipper – Silver Alert – Silver Alert
7. Floe ’87 Remix – Memory Tapes – Memory Tapes
8. Opening from ‘Glassworks’ – Cornelius – Cornelius

Disc 2

1. NYC:73-78 – Beck – Beck
2. Protest Remix – Johann Johannsson – Johann Johannsson
3. Mad Rush Organ Remix – Pantha Du Prince – Pantha Du Prince
4. Island Remix – Peter Broderick – Peter Broderick