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Beatles duo Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr release new song ‘We’re On The Road Again’


Paul McCartney has collaborated on Ringo Starr’s new song ‘We’re On The Road Again’.

The former Beatles bandmates, who teased fans by saying they were back in the studio not long ago, have worked together on a song appears on Starr’s forthcoming new album, Give More Love.

“Thanks for coming over man and playing Great bass I love you man peace and love,” Starr said when sharing a picture with his former bandmate. 

And here it is:

Starr, the former Beatles drummer, has spoken of his pride as the iconic Liverpool band continue to influence modern music: “I love joy,” he said when asked about his feverish work ethic despite.

“I love the light. I’m still doing what was my dream at 13, and that’s playing. I think that helps. I promise you this, though — I’m not this happy-go-lucky every day. But overall, my general demeanour is peace and love and joy.”

Reminiscing about some of the records he made alongside John, Paul and George, Starr spoke of overwhelming pride: “I’m proud of the music, we the Beatles made and that I’m still making,” Starr told Billboard.

“The great thing with the Beatles’ music – we worked very hard, and it’s still relevant today,” he added.

“Those songs John and Paul wrote, and the music George and I and John and Paul played – that’s what makes me proud. We worked very hard to make those tracks, and every sort of couple of years, a new batch of teenagers get into it. You know what I mean? It’s relevant year after year. It just amazes me.”

“I’m still doing what was my dream at 13, and that’s playing.”