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(Credit: Maddy Julien)

Beastie Boys audiobook will feature Steve Buscemi, Jarvis Cocker, Chuck D, Chloë Sevigny and more


Beastie Boys are an iconic outfit, so much so that there was clearly an outpouring of fans when they announced that their new career-spanning book would be getting an audiobook version.

Titled Beastie Boys Book, the audiobook version will naturally have Mike D and Ad-Rock on narration but there will be a few other notable narrators. Well, quite a few actually. Deep breath… Steve Buscemi, Chuck D, Chloë Sevigny, Ben Stiller, Jarvis Cocker, Kim Gordon, Snoop Dogg, Will Ferrell, Wanda Sykes, Rachel Maddow, Spike Jonze, Jon Stewart, and many more will feature on the audiobook.

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Beastie Boys Book is out October 30 via Spiegel & Grau and will see Ad-Rock and Mike D embark on a book tour. The tour will feature readings, Q&A sessions, a live score by Mix Master Mike, a new Beasties exhibit, and a Sonos-provided “sound experience”.

The full list of narrators is below.

Beastie Boys Book narrators:

Steve Buscemi
Tim Meadows
Ada Calhoun
Bette Midler
Bobby Cannavale
Mix Master Mike
Exene Cervenka
Roy Choi
Yoshimi O
Jarvis Cocker
Rosie Perez
Elvis Costello
Amy Poehler
Chuck D
Kelly Reichardt
Nadia Dajani
John C. Reilly
Snoop Dogg
Ian Rogers
Will Ferrell
Maya Rudolph
Crosby Fitzgerald
Rev Run
Randy Gardner
Luc Sante
Kim Gordon
Kate Schellenbach
Josh Hamilton
MC Serch
LL Cool J
Chloë Sevigny
Spike Jonze
Jon Stewart
Pat Kiernan
Ben Stiller
Talib Kweli
Wanda Sykes
Dave Macklovitch
Jeff Tweedy
Rachel Maddow
Philippe Zdar
Michael Diamond
Adam Horovitz