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Credit: Beach Bunny


Beach Bunny share video for 'Blame Game'

Beach Bunny - 'Blame Game'

Beach Bunny have shared the visuals for their new single, ‘Blame Game’.

‘Blame Game’ acts as the title track from their brand-new four-track EP which the band shared with the world on January 15th. The song serves as a closer on the release and ‘Blame Game’ is a riotous victory lap that starts 2021 in a manner which alludes to another year like their jubilant 2020, despite everything else happening with the world. In a dream world, Beach Bunny wouldn’t have had the time to create this single as they were supposed to be on an endless touring cycle for their debut album, Honeymoon.

The album arrived accompanied with rave reviews in February, then a few weeks later suddenly everything changed including Beach Bunny’s plans. Rather than spending the summer decamping from festival to festival, the band instead locked themselves in a studio to let off all the steam that had built up over the preceding months and the result was Blame Game. Even though the pandemic has thwarted their touring plans, that didn’t stop 2020 being Beach Bunny’s breakout year.

Singer Lili Trifilio commented to The AV Club: “There was a big creative shift as the boys and I were in isolation. A lot of writing in solitude. We didn’t have an EP lined up at all. We were just planning on promoting the album. So I guess that came out of it.”

She then added: “I think I got lucky with this one, in that I was just feeling very passionate, probably as a result of some of the corona angst, so a lot of the songs and lyrics did come out pretty organically. But I really love when things are cohesive, like visually and sonically. I think all of my favourite albums are, at least in some way, concept albums.”

‘Blame Game’ sees Trifilio kick-back at the misogyny prevalent throughout society and used this subject as fuel to firepower this gritty, ferocious anthem that allows the singer to get this built-up frustration off her chest and truly let loose in emphatic style.