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Lili Trifilio of Beach Bunny shares new solo project and first single 'Lightning'

tiger lili - 'Lightning'

Beach Bunny are one of our favourite bands over recent years and we were equally as happy to hear about the new solo project from lead singer Lili Trifilio. The singer has shared the first new single under her new moniker tiger lili, the brilliant ‘Lightning’.

The band’s powerpop style has seen them become huge names in their homeland but tiger lili seems keen to break out on her own with a brand new style. The new project will span genres and buck sonic conformity and ‘Lightning’ acts not only as the first song produced entirely by Trifilio but as a mark of her incredibly bright future.

Lili says of the project, “As a fan of many genres, I want to have the freedom to explore songwriting in all forms. I cannot predict what stylistic choices I will make in the future, but I am certain that whatever I release, that I will only put my best work forward. Art is limitless and I choose to write without limitations.”

It’s an unbridled spirit that rings out on ‘Lightning’. Tinged with the folk joy of a Celtic afternoon, the song is lifted by Trifilio’s impeccable vocals which shine throughout. It provides a chalk and cheese moment when comparing to Beach Bunny.

While the band may be chock full of hooks and chunky riffs, tiger lili’s first song can at times, feel gentle and lilting, as comforting as your favourite blanket laid out on a meadow. But it has a hidden moment of darkness as proof there’s always the threat of rain above.

The song was actually comprised during a week of late-night thunderstorms and is imbued with that electrified menace. It’s a track which suggests that Lili Trifilio won’t be contained by any one genre, sound or just about anything.