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BB Sway shares new song 'Bet You Know'

BB Sway - 'Bet You Know'

London’s supremely chill indie-pop queen BB Sway has released her second single of the year, the wavvy and relaxing ‘Bet You Know’.

We’re fans of BB Sway here at Far Out. Well, I’m a fan, at least. You might have to tweet at the other writers to pry their opinions out of them. But I’m into her music: Sway gives bedroom pop a good name. Highlighting the psychedelic elements of the genre better than most, Sway creates music that’s airy and hazy that never crosses over to feel nebulous or inessential. It’s purposeful pop, filled with top notch instrumental and arranging abilities that show off a keen ear for pop hooks and experimental flourishes. In short: it’s good stuff.

“‘Bet You Know’ tells the story of a budding romance,” Sway explains about the new tune, “The unspoken and growing affection between two people. It’s about existing in the space between having the desire to know and enjoying the excitement and mystery of the unknown.”

There are a few things I’m a big sucker for, musically: saxophone solos, gigantic live drums, the Mixolydian mode, tambourines. But ‘Bet You Know’ features one of my absolute favourites: a bass line that acts as a guitar line. Prominent, funky, and taking centre stage over the atmospheric six string lines, the bass runs in ‘Bet You Know’ are what keeps me coming back to the song.

That’s what Sway is really gifted at: creating little moments or memorable hooks that differentiate her song’s from anyone else’s. There’s always something that no other artist would think about putting in their own work. Whether it’s a funk bass line to ground a bedroom pop song or a quasi-Persian guitar solo, Sway knows how to catch your ear.

Check out the audio for ‘Bet You Know’ down below.