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(Credit: BB Sway / Press)


BB Sway shares 'Baby Wants Out of the City'


London-based indie-pop artist BB Sway has released her latest single, the deceptively cheery ‘Baby Wants Out of the City’.

With a light-as-air whistle melody and playful sound effects comprising of everything from cowbells to car engines, ‘Baby Wants Out of the City’ is as musically jocular as it is lyrically wistful. Equal parts bright and shiny summer jam and isolated self-reflection, the song balances its lighter and darker shades into a catchy, thoughtful, immersive pop tune.

“This song was particularly inspired by Hong Kong,” Sway explains. “Where high-rise buildings are surrounded by big mountains covered with luscious tropical vegetation, and gnarly roots seep into every concrete crack in the city. Having grown up on an island, I was also always surrounded by the sea, and it wasn’t until after I moved away that I realised how closely I felt connected to it.”

Sway, the musical moniker for 22-year-old Ashley Grace, has spent the past year dropping indelible indie singles like ‘I Found Out When the Day Had Come’ and ‘About You’, her collaboration with fellow bedroom pop acolyte Loverground. Last year’s periphery EP has yet to find its way to anywhere other than Soundcloud, but her 2019 release cosy has appeared on Spotify.

The self-produced artist only has a small oeuvre at the moment, but each new song points to a talented upstart who is building up anticipation with each release. Sway’s output perfectly encapsulates the bedroom pop boom currently happening in indie music: DIY synths and drum machines bouncing around loopy vocal lines. What sets Sway apart is a distinct ear for melody, which never gets sacrificed for aesthetic or faddish sounds. The emphasis for Sway should be on the “pop” side of bedroom pop, and it keeps her from getting lost in the swirl of a million other twee grassroots musicians.

Check out the audio for ‘Baby Wants Out of the City’ down below.