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(Credit: Pedro Figueiredo)


Watch the earliest footage of Bauhaus performing live, 1979


Bauhaus are one of the great pioneers of gothic rock, a band who helped re-invent the wheel when and broke onto the scene at the back end of the 1970s as part of a new wave of bands that changed what was cool.

In 1979, the group was called Bauhaus 1919 and in their infancy, still yet to discover their unique sound. Here, the footage offers a fascinating look back as we revisit one of their first-ever gigs which, thankfully, was documented to see just how far they came in the twelve months that would follow this performance.

The show in question took place on January 13, 1979, as Bauhaus 1919 played their second ever live show which took place at the Romany Pub in their hometown of Northampton, England. Unfortunately for the band, they weren’t paid for the performance, a reason which allegedly came down to the drinking establishments not buying enough pints. So, instead, the Midlands group were bizarrely provided with a free martial lesson to make up for the lack of payment. Their 30-minute set that night included a prototype version of ‘Largartija Nick’, ‘Bite My Hip’, ‘Screen Kiss’ and ‘Lovelife’.

Bauhaus had only played their first-ever show less than two weeks beforehand on New Year’s Eve in 1978 at Wellingborough’s Cromwell Pub but perhaps the reason they looked so sharp in this early footage is down to years of playing together under different monikers with Daniel Ash, David J. Haskins, and Haskins’ younger brother Kevin, had been in various bands since childhood.

The only other band of any significance was The Craze, who, at the time, managed to graduate to the live scene in and around Northampton in 1978. However, The Craze still split up fairly quickly and following that Ash would manage to recruit his old school friend Peter Murphy to join him on their new pursuit because Ash thought he had the right look for a band and alas Bauhaus 1919 was born.

For now though, check out their mesmerising performance, below.