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Bauhaus announce first US tour in 16 years

Gothic rock progenitors Bauhaus have just announced performance dates for their first US tour in 16 years. They will feature at Pasadena’s Cruel World Fest before taking their show on the road across the American countryside. The quartet reunited for a triumvirate of shows in 2019, but the Los Angeles gigs were to be the last of their kind for a while because the pandemic halted further progress on their touring cycle. 

Bauhaus comprises Peter Murphy, Daniel Ash, Kevin Haskins, and David J, and the band have remained true to the core lineup since the 1980s. Their second album, Mask, is widely considered to be their definitive work, a view that is shared by members of the band. 

“I love Mask.” Haskins admitted in 2018. “It definitely has that second LP feel, where the band is sort of taking a breath and really getting in to the music, in a crafting sense. It was also when we first became interested in what one could create in the studio, rather than just banging out the songs. It has a very strong character and I feel that Mike Hedges [engineer/producer] was partly responsible for that.”

What the band offered was a spectacle as well as style, and vocalist Peter Murphy was renowned for putting his body through all sorts of rigours during the live performances. Bauhaus was formed in 1978, a product of the burgeoning Northampton scene, and were renowned for their gothic style and references to 1930s cinema. 

The band’s debut single ‘Bela Lugosi‘s Dead’ is one of the more famous works from the era, symbolising the rise of the gothic movement amidst the mods and skinheads that were surrounding Britain during the late 1970s. 

Bauhaus disbanded in 1983, leading three of the members to form Love and Rockets, an outfit that enjoyed a Billboard hit with ‘So Alive’. Bauhaus reformed in 2005 for a seminal American tour but disbanded for the second time in 2008. In 2019, the Northampton quartet announced its intentions to perform again, although concerts were delayed due to the ongoing pandemic. They feel happy enough in the environment to bring the show back on the road.