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Bad Breeding - Age Of Nothing


Boom! Bad Breeding’s track Age Of Nothing hits you like a steam train with a drunken driver and a death wish, and with it we welcome Friday’s terrifying Track Of The Day. Powerful and unrelenting this dastardly ditty keeps on rolling like the demon Union Pacific, hell bent on a straight line to malfunction your brain and all the tools to do it, the weekend is going to be a barnstormer.

With Far Out Favourites Eagulls, currently tuning ears to the melodic and deepened aspects of the heavier side of rock there has been more acceptance circulating the mainstream on both sides of the Atlantic. Well now the gauntlet has been thrown there are some vicious bands waiting to take up the challenge; Bad Breeding are most definitely one of them.

Age of Nothing by Bad Breeding

Bred in the soul-sucking cesspool of Stevenage Bad Breeding are using their upbringing to really let loose on anything that will take them. They pile in decades worth of boredom and pent up frustration to let loose on Age Of Nothing a track based around the incredulous nothingness that most small-town-bands suffer.

A wildly exciting track Bad Breeding pick up where the Eagulls left off and if anything have more attitude and vigour. They crash through chords and rip up riffs all in the name of fast and furious rock, unfiltered, unrefined and completely unescapable, Age Of Nothing is really something.


Jack Whatley