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Babyshambles - Picture Me in a Hospital


Dickensian, beautifully British and heart wrenchingly dream filled. Finally, these words aren’t describing that crack pipe wielding troubadour Peter Doherty but his art.

Babyshambles are back with a credible record for once, Sequel to the Prequel the new LP isn’t just the musings of a drug fuelled musician. Peter and the gang have differed from the usual pranged out punk that made their name with the new album and with Picture Me in a Hospital they take on a rather more subtle and sublime stance.

With riffs nabbed from the pockets of Johnny Marr and words pulled from a modern poets moleskin, this is where Peter and Co. are showing maturity and really displaying their craft as song writers as well as icons. Rather than a description of an inevitable Doherty hospital visit, this is a recollection of Drew’s recent car accident.

Regardless of how the track came about nothing can take away from the traditional English poetry and the gin and tonic mix of cheery bouncing guitar and tragic lyrics. It’s what we have always loved about this band, not the drugs, not the missing gigs or the in-house fighting; it is and always has been about the music.

This is the third track from the new album and if this and the first two (Nothing comes to Nothing, Farmer’s Daughter) are anything to go by Babyshambles may have woken from their slumber, ready to wrestle the guitar revolt back from the shoe-gazing whippersnappers. I, for one, hope so.


Jack Whatley