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Baby In Vain share the brilliant 'Low Life'


One of the best bands in the biz right now, Baby In vain are a trio from Denmark who have a habit of tearing off one’s face with a single lick of their raucous rock and roll. Their newest track is a little different.

‘Low Life’ is the second release form their upcoming album More Nothing following the unleashing of ‘To Heaven and Back’. Starting life out as more of their typical sound, heavy rock riffs and all, the band were unsatisfied to how ‘Low Life’ was turning out.

Go three years down the line and the moody, gloomy and frankly threatening sound of ‘Low Life’ is captivating. It speaks of Baby In Vain’s breadth of talent, as they have crafted a powerful and emotive song about a difficult subject.

Andrea Thuesen Johansen said: “The lyrics of the song are about a very unhealthy relationship that a person very close to me was in, back when we were the early version of the  song. It had a great impact on my life, and I had a really hard time making sense of it all, so writing about it felt like the obvious thing to do. Looking back on it now I probably wasn’t as reflective as I am today, so the anger I felt while it was going on dominates the lyrics. I’d like to think that had it happened today, I would’ve been able to explore my emotions more and be a little more sensitive and subtle about it, but then again…”

The band go on tour in October across the country – dates are here.