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Baby In Vain go rogue on new video for ‘To Heaven and Back’


Copenhagen trio Baby In Vain are some pretty rock and roll girls. They present a sense of complete control and love for anarchy, a perfect contradiction for a rock and roll band, this is displayed pretty effortlessly (perhaps that’s the wrong word actually…) in their new track and video ‘To Heaven and Back’.

The video sees the band don their helmets and take to the streets, two of the three on four wheels, as they navigate to shows on their skateboard while drummer Benedict’s moped helps with a little extra push.

”The two coolest things to do in the world are skateboarding and driving a motorcycle. What do you do when you don’t have a motorcycle? You steal a moped”. Say the band, and with that kind of logic it is hard to argue.

Debut album More Nothing is out on 25th August via Partisan Records and based on what we have heard so far it is going to be an absolute barn-stormer.