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Credit: Chuck Schmidt-Staub


Autogramm release new single 'Anxiety'


Canadian pop-punks Autogramm have released a video for their new single, ‘Anxiety.’

The video, a charmingly low budget affair that follows a teddy bear on various stereotypical spring break activities, comes in anticipation of the band’s sophomore album, No Rules, out on April 16th.

The song itself starts off with an ominously blippy-bloopy synth fake-out that crashes headfirst into an exuberant jaunt about the fearful thoughts of losing teeth and the universality of feeling like crap. “I just wanna be happy all the time/Is that such a crime?” That phrase might as well be the band’s mission statement, logo and epitaph.

Like any good band with punk roots, Autogramm have kept the number of chords to a minimum — wringing out the maximum amount of catchiness from the bare essentials. ‘Anxiety’ has the potential to be a grating earworm thanks to its cheery synths, simplicity, and deathless melody, but if we can’t battle our negative emotions with upbeat jock jams, then what’s the point of music anyhow?

Like their 2018 debut What R U Waiting 4?, the songs on No Rules will be liberally mixing elements and influences from electronica and krautrock acts. The band even describe the new album as “both a tribute to punk’s anarchic attitude as well as Kraftwerk’s seminal 1974 album Autobahn.”

If those sound like disparate elements to you, join the club. Autogramm ride and die with infectious anthems, and ‘Anxiety’ somehow found the missing link between The Beach Boys and Blink-182 that may or may not have existed before writing this sentence.

All in all, it’s a promising start for an album that will hopefully be overflowing with similarly styled tracks. Hopefully somewhere in the rolling hills of Los Angeles, Gary Numan is smiling.

Check out the video for ‘Anxiety’ down below. No Rules is available April 16th.