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Autobahn - Ulcer


Friday at Far Out Magazine means several things: a good load of vinyl LPs, a barrow full of new digital tunes, a pleasant amount of strong, neat whiskey (Bourbon of course) and another scintillating Track of the Day treat… with emphasis falling on the latter, especially on this occasion as we add Autobahn and their excellent, new, stomach churning number ‘Ulcer’ to the pre-weekend mix.

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of the Leeds based post-punk purveyors their dystopian brand of creativity, in fact, we have been from the very start which, believe it or not, was only a little over a year ago. By some, our support was viewed as a touch overzealous back then, but the ensuing worldly acclaim Autobahn have attracted has not only proved it wasn’t just an optimistic punt from a pissed up bastard (the writer was severely inebriated at the Merchandise/Eagulls gig in which we first caught this lot) but that more and more people have a lot of time for the side of music not covered in glitter and tailored for the numb, sheepish masses. Both points are promising.

Since that fateful evening, the band have managed to totally sell out debut EP ‘Seizure’, tour with Eagulls, smash their way through gigs with Chameleons, White Lung, Factory Records old boys Crispy Ambulance and, like their name alludes, tear through Old Blighty like psychotic joy riders on speed balls leaving Brighton, Birmingham and countless other destinations trembling in a some sort of beleaguered wake.

Oh there’s this new record, set for release July 10th, too. Check it out when you get the chance, or for a true taste of Autobahn’s fuel, get yourself in the pit of one their gigs.