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Live review: Merchandise, Eagulls, Autobahn at Brudenell Social Club


There’s nothing ever remarkable about Tuesdays. For most of us it’s the day that we’re, just about, shaking off the past weekends hangover and begin looking forward to the next, counting down each excruciating second until we’re given the keys to our occupational shackles and, in turn, the freedom to be and do exactly what we want, if only for a mere 48 hours.

As I said that’s for most of us, music lovers, often the more rebellious of citizens, can always find a way to beat the mundane, stereotypically sobering rituals the ‘work hard play hard’ slogan is synonymous with, whether that’s sitting down on a night with an inebriating elixir and an equally intoxicating collection of records or, defying ‘The Man’ more bluntly, by getting to a gig on a school night and acting as if the office desk, class room and building site were but figments of a wild, unscrupulous imagination.

In an effort to stick two fingers up to it all, the Far Out team headed to Leeds’ famed venue Brudenell Social Club last Tuesday for a dose of Rock & Roll, indulging in a naughty mid week lineup consisting of some familiar stage stomping stalwarts and some less recognized, yet equally as furious faces.

Kicking off proceedings were local five-piece outfit Autobahn, who much like their name suggests, cruised through a fine, all be it teasingly short, set of scuzzy kraut rock come post punk madness sealed with a spot on version of Human Fly by The Cramps. Stumping up a couple more tunes of their own on the night, the most impressive being Seizure, Autobahn went about warming up the Brudenell in a malevolent yet magnificent manner, drenching the crowd in dark riffs, strangely riled lyrics and aggressive vocal, typical of the influences they’ve risen from. Don’t be surprised when this lot come speeding into prominence in the not so distant future, shaping up to be a force already, with a few more gigs under their belt i reckon it’s a no-brainer. Either way i could be wrong but Autobahn are definitely ones to watch, well anybody who cites Lux Interior must be!

Next up Eagulls, now there’s little left to say about this band of North East brothers that seem to grow from strength to strength each time they don the stage. Despite encountering sound problems, the band sored through their set in due aplomb, delivering the tasty melodic, fast paced punk infused tunes we have all come to know and cherish (by cherish I mean loose your shit to).  Marauding through a mix of old and new numbers in spectacular fashion Eagulls were to light the fuse for headline American rockers Merchandise, who undoubtedly stole the show.


In hindsight it’s almost embarrassing to say that I hadn’t heard a whisper of Merchandise, the Florida band that added the Brudenell to the list of venues on their first live UK jaunt, before now, as I left stunned by their artistry. Apparently born from the U.S Hardcore scene, Merchandise have come as far from that tag as they had their homeland; I’d dare anyone to try and stick a genre on these guys as their tunes, some spanning nine minutes (yet never self indulgent), were indefinable, brilliantly indefinable in fact as front man Carson Cox and his talented rabble treated us all to a mixture of slow burners and directly rockier numbers.


In parts stand out track of the set Anxiety’s Door evoked the same feeling as listening to Echo & The Bunnymen, especially Killing Moon,  maybe it was the ever-present moody, textured, vocal and emotionally aware lyrics that did it? Who knows, but it was all fucking brilliant!  Totale Night is the band’s latest EP and one in which they used the gig to showcase, and has since been one in which I haven’t stopped listening to, the only disappointment (of their set) being that their tune Who Are You? The first and, i reckon, one of the best off the new release wasn’t played live… oh well what an excuse to catch them again eh.

You can catch Autobahn here:

Joshua Hevicon