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Autobahn - Seizure

It only comes round every once in a while, but when it does you know you’ve just been utterly seen to. No, I’m not talking about a sordid little night of pissed up sleaze with a philandering love rat from a cheap city shot bar, what I’m talking about is a tune, or album, that once its ugly head has reared harbours the ability to upheave your entire sense of being, shake the walls and tap into the darker side of our nature that most of us are either unaware, or, in deep denial of.

For me, the whole of Search and Destroy was just that for a long time, then Drenge came along, a new(ish) Preston based band called Evil Blizzard are currently perverting the UK’s hearts and souls as we speak but, for now, it’s Leeds lads Autobahn that are acrimoniously acquiring the undivided attention of my Mr. Hyde side. Their newly released record ‘Seizure’ features as Far Out’s track of the day.

Seemingly taking musical inspiration from Brian Eno’s striped back macabre masterpiece Third Uncle, ‘Seizure’ starts with enough feedback to choke on and duly ascends into the manic-chaos the opening seconds allude to. Throughout, we are assaulted with a round of riffs that can be only be likened to the last, long wail of an overwhelmed banshee, riddled with the harrowing lyrics of lead vocalist Craig Johnson as he recounts the all too familiar time his own mind packed in.

“Waiting for the next time I drop to the floor / Like a big dead weight falling through the devil’s claws, to you”.

It’s hard to believe that Autobahn have only been gigging together for a mere few months, as the frenetic energy of ‘Seizure’ suggests, you would think that the troupe had been acquainted through various secure asylums for a lifetime. November will see the release of a debut EP via Tough Love and the continuation of a tour that includes support slots for Girls Names and the, ever present on Far Out pages, Eagulls.

If I was you, I’d grab a copy of the EP or catch this lot live while you can; if this gets any darker there’s just no telling how many chances you may have left.

Joshua Hevicon