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(Credit: Zackery Michael)

Arctic Monkeys 'Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino' played through a 1970s radio station


Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino, the sixth studio album by Sheffield darlings Arctic Monkeys, offered yet another turn in direction for this ever-expanding band.

The album, written by band frontman Alex Turner back in 2016 on a Steinway Vertegrand piano in his Los Angeles home, was often touted as a potential solo record that eventually found its way into another hit album for the band who refuse to stand still.

With the removal of their previous attentions to guitar heavy music, Arctic Monkeys offered throwback to glam, space rock as the album’s visuals harked back to some of Stanley Kubrick‘s major sci-fi works.

The album, with it’s sci-fi nostalgia, became the band’s sixth consecutive number-one debut in the UK and the fastest-selling vinyl record in 25 years. The writing style, heavily influence by Turner’s desire to look to the past for inspiration, allowed him to become “less concerned on this album [with] compartmentalising every idea to the point where each song became this episode that starts and ends in three minutes,” he once explained.

“In the past I’ve definitely had record covers that don’t, to me, represent what’s on the wax, and I certainly don’t feel that way about this one. By the end of it, I think I’d forgotten there even was a record. I’d just gotten obsessed with cardboard,” Turner once said of the albums’ release on vinyl.

With that in mind, with Turner becoming infatuated with the sound of this record on different formats, one particular fan has decided to put a different spin on overall sound. With so many elements of the record referencing elements of the 1970s, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino as been run through the effect of a ’70s radio and the sound is fascinating.