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Alex Turner reveals original lyrics to Arctic Monkeys song ‘Four Out Of Five’

Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner has been discussing his writing process during most recent album Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino.

Turner, who explained that he cut a track from the final finished record, also said that he got a little “carried away” with the sci-fi theme he divulged in.

Discussing lead single ‘Four Out Of Five’ specifically, Turner was describing the “lunar surface” lyric which was taken from the nickname used for a room in his house, elaborating that the sci-fi theme “just kept going” during his writing process.

“Four stars out of five is a bit of a pun, with the stars,” he continued during the interview with Variety. “I may have gotten a bit carried away there.”

“Originally, the words were: ‘Karaoke and raspberry beret, in imaginative ways, and I get signed right then and there by a hotshot executive / I wasn’t expecting it that easy’,” he said.

After revealing the original lyrics for the track, Turner also explained how tried to avoid adding songs with too much information. It was this subject that led him to reveal that the band chose to remove a song from the record: “I had a song that didn’t make this record with lyrics that mentioned both Bing Crosby and Randy Newman,” he said. “And I just thought, ‘You can’t do that’. You can have one or the other. Just fucking calm down!

“You don’t want to make a song too lumpy,” he added.