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Revisit the Arctic Monkeys' wonderful cover of The Strokes classic 'Is This It'


At a time when live music seems like an unrealistic dream, we’re dipping into the Far Out Magazine archives to remember so of our favourite moments.

While millions of people are forced to remain home amid strict social distancing measures, we’re turning our attentions to a few lads from Sheffield in what might be the most iconic throwback to naughties indie music culture.

The Arctic Monkeys’ admiration for The Strokes went to next level as Alex Turner and the band put together a rendition of ‘Is This It’ while playing live in New York City around the tour in support of their most recent album.

The band, who were amid North American tour at the time, stopped by Forest Hills Stadium in Queens, New York to put on a rousing display of their back catalogue, new material, and crowd-pleasing cover tracks.

Turner has made no secret of his love for The Strokes, most notably opening up the band’s new album with the words “I just wanted to be one of The Strokes” and, as CoS points out, Turner once spilled out his love for ‘Is This It’ during a 2011 NME interview: “I remember I used to play the album in college all the time, when our band was first starting,” Turner said at the time.

“Loads of people were into them, so loads of bands coming out sounded like them,” he said. “And I remember consciously trying not to sound like The Strokes, deliberately taking bits out of songs that sounded too much like them, but I still loved that album.”

“As much as they probably hate hearing this as well, they were the band that encouraged me to rip the knees of my jeans and write on them in marker pen. I wrote on them in red ink, ‘I’ve got soul and I’m superbad,’” Turner added.

Here’s the fan footage of their performance in NYC: