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Arcade Fire share demo version of 'Put Your Money On Me'


It’s hard not to be a little in love Arcade Fire. They’re one of those bands who have likely soundtracked at least one moment in your life. They may be your love song, your break up song or both, but likelihood is that they’re at least one of ‘your’ songs.

That’s because the band tend to use production to their advantage. Their music has always been full, fat and multi-textured affairs that have been gleefully welcomed by the populus because of their flawless, front-running production.

It’s refreshing then to hear the rough cuts of Arcade Fire and realise they too have a process. Their latest track ‘Put Your Money On Me’ was recently released on 12″ with a b-side that many thought was a remix. However this is actually the early demo version from Win Butler et al and is affectionately dubbed the ‘Windows 98 v.1.0’ it’s a joyful noise.

Win himself explained “The B side on the Put Your Money on Me 12 inch is not a remix, but the original mix of the demo that ended up getting developed into the song. I really like it, and hope you do too. Those are field recordings of a slot machine that form the outro…”

Take a listen below.