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(Credit: Warner Bros)


Arcade Fire and Owen Pallett finally release score for Spike Jonze film ‘Her’


Spike Jonze’s Oscar-nominated surrealist love-affair Her hit cinemas over eight years ago, which represents quite a wait for a soundtrack release. Fortunately for fans of the score, composed by Arcade Fire and Owen Pallett, it is now available in its entirety for the first time. 

A large part of the movie’s success was underpinned by the atmospheric score that helped to create a very unique feel for the highly original movie. The ambient soundscapes and tender piano helped to match the tentative nature of the films love story whilst also capturing the futuristic zeitgeist that Jonze was going for. 

The effectiveness of the score was reflected in the fact that it received an Oscar nomination, but for no apparent reason, it has never been made publicly available until now. 

Following the release of Her, Owen Pallett has also composed scores for the 2020’s Spaceship Earth as well as the James Dean based movie Life

The dreamy sound he captured along with Arcade Fire, however, remains his greatest work on the filmography front. Tracks like ‘Song on the Beach’ resonated with audiences and helped elevate the scenes they embellished with a memorable note of tranquillity. 

The soundtrack has been mixed into a 13-track album which is currently available on streaming services and can be found in a playlist below.

The album will also receive a digital release for the first time, with pre-orders available online now.