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Arcade Fire release new track ‘Creature Comfort’… properly this time

Following on from their teasing of new track ‘Creature Comforts’ through the annoying medium of phone camera footage at a live gig (honestly, is there a more annoying form of recording?), Arcade Fire have now returned properly to give us a real taste of the new music.

The other release of this track also included the song being used for a Ritalin-infused “100% Marshmallow” cereal, that was made earlier this week, but thankfully now we have a full, polished and brilliant new version to fully enjoy without the distractions.

The track is a ball of dark energy, with low level synths buzzing across the floor as the odd lead line raises the temperature every so often. It is a true testament to the band, that they can be so far removed from their previous incarnations and still have a nuance so noticeable that as soon as the music starts you think “That’s Arcade Fire!”.

As Win and Regine yelp across to each other it is fully confirmed that this is yet another victory for Arcade Fire and the new album Everything Now is likely to be yet another gold-standard record.