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Credit: Arcade Fire

"Enjoy the band as the babies we were" | Watch the remastered video of Arcade Fire's 'Rebellion (Lies)' 15 years on


To honour the 15th anniversary of the band’s seminal debut album Funeral, Arcade Fire have shared a brilliantly remastered video for the indie dancefloor stalwart ‘Rebellion (Lies)’. Watch below.

As the song predates the surge of YouTube, the track, which finds its way on to most people’s playlist at some point, only ever had a blurry video on the video streaming site. and that only arrived in 2009. In an interview with NME, Win Butler explained why this remaster was necessary:

“The ‘Rebellion’ video is the first video we made as a band, filmed in the months before the release of Funeral. Our friend Josh Deu, who used to play in Arcade Fire, did the visual effects on the video. Somehow along the way the wrong version got uploaded and the official video only existed in a degraded form. We are happy that he was able to redo the hand-drawn effects for this restoration. Enjoy the band as the babies we were!”

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Alongside the new video, which is beautifully appointed with some delicate hand-drawn touches from Deu, the band will soon be releasing a huge catalogue of behind the scenes photos, journals and other mementoes of the beginnings of their band.

Watch the remastered video below.