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Anthony Michael Hall reveals plans for 'The Breakfast Club' sequel

American filmmaker John Hughes is responsible for the creation of some of the most beloved cult comedies of the 20th century, including The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off among others. The former has been immortalised in popular culture and is still enjoyed by newer generations of audiences despite the fact that it was made more than 35 years ago.

In The Breakfast Club, Hughes decided to dump all the stereotypes together and managed to create something real out of it. The iconic teenage drama features five high school kids from different cliques who connect with each other despite the walls that they have built up in order to maintain their borrowed identities. The film was recently chosen for preservation by the Library of Congress because it was declared as an indispensable part of American culture.

“Kids are smart enough to know that most teenage movies are just exploiting them,” Hughes once said. “They’ll respond to a film about teenagers as people. Both of these movies [The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles] are about the beauty of just growing up. I think teenage girls are especially ready for this kind of movie, after being grossed out by all the sex and violence in most teenage movies.”

In a recent interview, The Breakfast Club star Anthony Michael Hall spoke about the iconic production as well as the effect of fame on a teenager. According to Hall, it is a highly destabilising phenomenon in which a child is subjected to the stresses of the external world and it often leads to permanent consequences.

“Fame was off-putting and kind of scary,” Hall recalled. “It’s not unlike a horror movie. When celebrity hits you, all of a sudden people are staring at you and looking at you in odd ways. Even though I was just a pubescent teenager, suddenly I was thrown into this world of show-business. You don’t know what people are thinking, people are whispering about you, and it’s a strange thing to have to adjust to.”

Hall also revealed that there were concrete plans for a sequel to The Breakfast Club: “At the time, [Hughes] did mention the potential of doing a sequel to The Breakfast Club. It would have been about all of us in our middle-age. His idea was to pick up with them in their twenties or thirties. That idea was on his mind, but that was the last conversation I had with him.”

The actor also expressed regrets about not having spent enough time with the director before his demise in 2009. “I wish I could have spent more time with him,” Hall said. “To let him know how much I loved him and how much he meant to me. Because, you know, he gave me my start, and so much more.”

Hall is set to star in Halloween Kills, the long-awaited sequel to David Gordon Green’s successful Halloween reboot which was released in UK and US cinemas on October 15.