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Anna von Hausswolff - Mountains Crave


Far Out is forever scouring the high seas and foreign shores for impeccable sounds and fascinating artistry. Recent, Columbus esque, exploratory excursions to the U.S.A have exposed the ferociously feral and wildly intimidating tunes of The Radkeys; similarly, in musical safari stomps across the African continent, we have unearthed the divine vocal treasure and transcendental talent of Mali’s Glastonbury star Rokia Traore.

The latest foray into international territory has brought us to the attention of Swede Anna von Hausswolff and the magnificent minstrels’ extraordinary Avant guard creation Mountains Crave features as our track of the day.


Normally a tune of this nature wouldn’t sit sweetly on the palette as Mountains Crave, in essence, is a pop song built around three chords but somehow Hausswolff has managed to create a simple and mystifyingly effective song that draws you in second by second.

Guitar parts are sparse and minimalistic in deliverance and a dominating feature of the track is the continuous and elementary use of an 808 snare clap but the real magnetisation comes in an eerie mixture of life after death questioning lyrics, haunting sound effects and a church organ opening and closing that help project a severe and forbidding, ambiguously alternative tone.

It’s made clear throughout that Hausswolff’s voice has the power to soar yet still connect to and project fragile, personal emotions and it is very easy to see how the Swedish starlet has drawn comparisons to ‘Running Up That Hill’ architect Kate Bush and the beautifully confused Antony Hegarty (Antony and the Johnstons), not only for her vocal similarities but for the almost uneasy way the song makes you feel during and in the aftermath of listening.

Mountains Crave is one of many weirdly intriguing creations that can be found on Hausswolff’s recently released album Ceremony.

Joshua Hevicon